Link to Latest Version of Calculator

This page is primarily for those who have followed the link at MasterResource requesting a copy of the Calculator. I have found that some of the graphics do not work for different versions of Excel. Please choose from the following:

Excel 2003 version

Excel 2007 version


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  1. Theodor (Dick) Oostindie said

    Hi Kent,

    I only just happened on your papers via an article in a Dutch newspaper which referred to the study by de Groot and Le Pair. It is great to come across the work that you and they have done here because it’s the first time I have seen anything that looks like a promising way forward to quantify the negative impact of variable energy input on conventional standby/balancing generation.

    I was involved in a wind energy project in the early 80s but left the field only to find myself fighting the onslaught of wind farm applications here in Scotland. I expect the politics of wind are not all that different here from the US and the European continent. Wind is heavily subsidised and criticising it is heresy. So it would be a major breakthrough if we could show in concrete figures that wind on an industrial scale is a bad idea. In my experience it is not enough to point at the negative impact of wind farms. It has to be shown beyond contention that there are no benefits to justify the negatives before the planning authorities can take it on board. So far wind is the pillar of sustainable energy in UK energy policy.

    So thank you very much for making your work available.


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